Solar Walk

Scroll through the entire solar system

This page displays the sun and all the planets in a proper relative scale and distance, so you can experience how vast our solar system is just by scrolling. How far can you reach? Let's find out.

Be careful. Planets at this scale are really small. When scrolling fast, it's easy to fly next to them without notice.

A reward awaits at the end of your journey (remember, no cheating, earn it)


58 343 170 km

3.24 lightminutes


108 159 261 km

6.01 lightminutes


149 597 871 km

8.32 lightminutes


227 987 155 km

12.67 lightminutes


778 357 723 km

43.27 lightminutes


1 427 014 091 km

79.33 lightminutes


2 869 287 166 km

159.52 lightminutes


4 496 912 002 km

250.00 lightminutes


5 913 603 841 km

328.76 lightminutes

You've made it!

You just scrolled through an amazing:


To make it that far on Earth you would need to go around it 150 thousand times.
That is an amazing feat. You definitely deserve some recognition for that!

Here's a badge for you. Wear it with honor:

You've earned it!

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