The "magic" behind this tool

How to calculate your age other planets? It's not that hard. Use planet data from the table and apply it, along with your age, to the equations below.

Planet Rotation Revolution
Mercury 58.6 days 0.2408 years
Venus 243 days 0.61562 years
Earth 1 days 1 years
Mars 1.025 days 1.8809 years
Jupiter 0.41 days 11.862 years
Saturn 0.45 days 29.458 years
Uranus 0.72 days 84.01 years
Neptune 0.67 days 164.79 years
Pluto 6.39 days 248.54 years

To calculate years

Convert your age in years to decimals (ex: if you're 20 years and 6 months old, in decimals it's 20.5), then divide it by the time it takes the planet to go around the Sun. For Mercury, it would be:

20.5 / 0.2408 = 85.13 years

To calculate days

Convert your age to days - multiply your decimal age by 365.25. Following the previous example:

20.5 * 365.25 = 7487.6 days

Next, divide that number by the planet's spin duration:

7487.6 / 58.6 = 127.8 days

We can help with that

Just enter your birthdate into our app, we'll calculate for you.

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