Your age on other planets

How old would you be on other planets?

Planets circle the Sun at different orbits and different speeds. They also spin around their axis at a different pace, thus days and years pass faster or slower there. Would you like to know what's your age on Mars or Pluto? Enter your birthdate to find out:

How to start?

Simply select your birthdate in the form above and our app will calculate how many revolutions around the Sun and how many spins on its axis did each planet make in this time - meaning, how many years and days have passed there. It will also give you the date of your next birthday on each of the planets. Read here if you want to know more about this.

More birthdays!

Why celebrate your birthday only once a year? You have more! Enjoy your Mercurian, Venusian, and Martian birthdays. Also rarer Jupiterian and Saturnian. And will you manage to live until your first birthday on Uranus? Let's see when is that.



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